Below are the Rules and Regulations for the Gulf Breeze Flea Market. These rules will be updated as they change over time. Please understand that these rules are subject to change without notice. While these rules are updated as they change the rules posted in the office take precedence over any other publications.

  1. Hours open to the public are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday & Sunday. Office opens for vendors at 7:00 Am and all vendors must be checked into the office whether paid or not before setting up.
  2. Booths not occupied by 8:00 AM will be re-rented by management without notice to Vendor and without refund to The Vendor. Please call if you will be late.
  3. Vendors requiring electrical use will receive a pass from the office. A charge will be made to cover such usage as determined by management which at present estimate will not exceed $5.00 per day. No electric heaters, Coffee Pots, or any other electrical appliances are allowed.
  4. All Government permitting required of vendors shall be the responsibility of The Vendor (Includes sales tax requirements by The State)
  5. Vendors should obtain adequate property, liability, and workers compensation insurance. The Flea Market accepts no responsibility for any loss to vendors for any reason. In the event that The Flea Market is sued for any negligent acts of vendors, The Flea Market's Insurance Company will subrogate against the Vendor for the full amount of loss.
  6. All merchandise is to be kept behind yellow lines for outside tables and no more then 18 inches from building. Any additions or alterations to space or buildings require written permission from Management
  7. Banned items for sale include but are not limited to: Food Items (Candy, Cookies, Soft drinks, coffee, etc.); Firearms; Fireworks; illegal or offensive items; dangerous or vicious animals; snakes; drugs and/or drug paraphernalia; and alcoholic beverages. It is understood that food items does not include produce, fruits, and vegetables. If in doubt about your product, contact management.
  8. Vendors are responsible for the cleanup of their area. Garbage, trash boxes, etc. are to be placed in the correct dumpster. Boxes should be broken down and flattened. Nothing is to be left in your booth, remaining items will be considered trash and abandoned. There will be a cleaning fee imposed for those that cannot clean up their booth
  9. Vendors are expected to dress appropriately. This includes but is not limited to the fact that all vendors must wear shoes, shirt, no offensive signage on clothing, and clothing which is clearly offensive to others. Offensive signage on merchandise will be determined by management and must be kept out of site.
  10. Vendors are responsible for their children. All children must be kept under control and at your space unless accompanied by an adult.
  11. All pets must be kept on a leash and at your rented space. Vendors are completely responsible for the actions of their pets.
  12. Anyone selling pets must provide legal paperwork as required by law
  13. Loud or boisterous noises are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to demonstrations of sound and musical equipment.
  14. No more then one Vendor may occupy the space rented by The Vendor. However; two or more vendors may rent two or more spaces in their individual names and share responsibility of overseeing the booths. When in doubt check with the management.
  15. Vendors may remain overnight on the weekend as a security measure for their merchandise. Those remaining overnight should be registered in the office. A parking fee of $8.00 per night will be required at the time the space is rented.
  16. All booths come with one (1) 3 foot by 8 foot table. Extra tables are rented for $3.00 through The Flea Market's office only. Vendors taking tables on their own will be charged $10.00.
  17. Courtesy for your neighbor is to be used in the display of your merchandise and signs. View of your neighbor's merchandise should not be blocked as you are looking down the aisle. Any signs are to be hung in such a manner that they will not be a safety hazard, and prior approval from the office is required.
  18. Vendors may not for any reason sublease their booths or building. All rentals must be handled through The Flea Market's office.
  19. No unattended campers, vehicles, or trailers are allowed to be left during the week, unless they are inside the designated area and then only with approval by The Flea Market office and a paid parking fee.

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